Learn About Asphalt

The Best Asphalt Contractor for Your Driveway Needs


Asphalt is the most popular and cost effective material when it comes to paving a driveway.  How, then, will you find the best asphalt paving contractor?  Correctly installing an asphalt driveway can make the driveway last for around thirty years with the least of maintenance.


Asphalt paved driveways is stronger and more flexible than concrete and is best for colder temperatures where there is constant freezing and thawing.


To make a hot mix asphalt which is the mixture used in asphalt paving, you simply need to mix an aggregate of stone and sand with liquid asphalt cement.  This aggregate is mixed carefully and heated before it is mixed with the liquid asphalt.  To cured the newly paved driveway properly, the liquid asphalt mixture has to be hot when it arrives on the job site.  The driveway that is to be asphalted has to be properly prepared to ensure a quality paved driveway.  Preparation is very critical to the asphalting process.  The proper preparation of the driveway to be asphalted involves replacing the top soil or clay top soil with a sub-base layer of crushed stone and gravel. Check this post: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asphalt.


Asphalt paving is done by putting two layers of hot mix asphalt over the sub-base layer.  Sometimes contractors feel that a full-depth asphalt application is needed for the driveway.  This application is ideal for driveways that accommodate heavy types of vehicles.  If you need a full-depth asphalt application on your driveway, then use liquid asphalt cement.  Bind the sub-base gravel layer with the liquid asphalt cement make a stronger paved driveway.


If you are choosing the best asphalt contractor, it is best get at least 3 to 4 quotes so that you can compare their workmanship and price.  To locate commercial asphalt company in the area, your search can include the yellow pages, the Internet, or you can also seek the recommendations of your friends and relatives.


To protect you from any liability, make sure that the asphalt contractor is insured and bonded.  This is also your protection from a sub-par performance of the workers.


Paving a driveway needs a lead time of up to several weeks.  That is why is it important to plan appropriately when talking with your prospective paving contractor.


Make a sketch of you home and your desired driveway so that you can get a more accurate quote from your asphalt contractor.


You can ask the asphalt contractor to visit your home so that you can walk the contractor at this website and mark out the place where the driveway is to lay.  If you wish to have an asphalt paved driveway, then follow the tips above to help you find the best asphalt contractor in your area.